Re: The Edision at Union Market

Davis Residential

14 February 2017

Bob Dayhoff Shelter Systems
1025 Meadow Branch Road
Westminster, MD 21158

SUBJECT: Smart Component Testimonial
Mr. Dayhoff,

James G. Davis Construction Corporation (DAVIS) was very pleased to work with Shelter Systems Limited on
building the first, large scale smart component structure on the East Coast. Smart Components allowed the
Project to utilized large, wood framed openings capable of receiving steel like sized windows. Our Project
schedule was not affected by the use of Smart Components and at times, allowed the installation contractor a
means to get out in front.

Overall, DAVIS and LCOR (Owner) could not be happier with the end product. Construction went smoothly
and the units have fantastic views of the City.


Dan Gorman
Project Manager

Re: Pacific City – Huntington Beach, California

LHI Logo

Using Smart Components coupled with wall panels we feel the framing schedule is definitely faster.  During the design process most questions get answered prior to fabrication of these 2 products, allowing for more onsite efficiencies. We can also use less employees because the majority of the work gets completed offsite and we just the put the puzzle pieces together. Working with the design team closely has improved the processes in the field.  CTF has simplified the designs over the past year. Using Smart Components and wall panels reduces onsite waste to the minimum!  No onsite cutoff, less plywood waste and less material waste makes the jobsite easier to clean!  SAFER!

Fred Hovenier
LHI Framing

Bernards Logo

This is one of the premier projects going on right now in Southern California. It’s been going really well. It’s very high-end and it’s getting a lot notice, not just for its ocean views, but also for the way it’s being constructed. Both contractor and framer are sold on the product [Smart Components]. It was fantastic. It’s much cheaper. It’s much faster. It’s more flexible. Cheaper, faster, more flexible framing of the Pacific City project has had dramatic results. The architect and builder were both taken aback by our progress reports.

Don Richardson

Re: The Lakes – West Covina

New Evolution Contruction

We really like Smart Components and believe if they were specified into projects it will help the schedule. We use less labor to install Smart Components, the framing process is easier to manage and safety is increased! The Smart Components are very easily installed with all the information and packaging provided.  Easier to inspect than all the different plywood requirements.

Manuel Hernandez
New Evolution Framing

Re: Holiday Inn Express & Suites – Anaheim

Clavalo Construction

With over 30 years of experience in production and contracting framing, my belief in safety, quality and production of framed projects has not changed, but my approach certainly has. With on site material storage limited at best, safety requirements increased, production schedules reduced and the availability of skilled labor low, I have embraced component framing systems as a solution to these issues. Working closely with CTF we review and adjust all aspects of the component design prior to fabrication including Smart Components, prefabricated wall panels, open web floor trusses, prefabricated stair and roof truss systems. The time we spend up front working together significantly reduces costly delays and rework later on in the project. We find the “busts” in the plans before you are standing on a foundation with framers wasting time and money. This team effort has reduced our clients framing schedules as much as 60% compared to conventionally framed projects, with less on site risk due to reduced labor exposure. Working closely with the General Contractor and Owner, we have shaved 2-3 months off of their build schedule. I have focused my full efforts towards this system. I will not be framing any conventional projects going forward.

George Meyer
Clávalo Construction & SQP Framing