California TrusFrame

California TrusFrame (CTF) is the largest privately held component manufacture west of the Rockies, with 3 manufacturing facilities located in Riverside, Fresno and Modesto servicing all of California, Nevada and Arizona.

CTF is a leading manufacturer of engineered and pre-fabricated roof trusses, floor trusses and wall panels. We engineer and manufacture open web roof and floor trusses as well as wall panels for residential, commercial and multifamily projects. We handle all types of projects from large multifamily complexes to custom designed, single family residences.

As part of our most recent international expansion efforts, our entire product line—manufactured in California with cutting-edge technology—is now available to be shipped as pre-fabricated framing packages to China, Japan and Korea.


23665 Cajalco Road, Perris, CA 92570
Phone: (951) 657-7491 ext. 274
E-mail: Jason Walsh



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Shelter Systems Limited

From humble beginnings, Shelter Systems Limited has grown over the past 30 years to become one of the nation’s premier manufacturers of wood structural building components.With a regional market extending nearly 250 miles in every direction, Shelter Systems Limited’s new 120,000 square foot manufacturing facility will enable them to produce even more high-quality roof trusses, open-web floor trusses and engineered wood products to builders throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

In addition to our goal of providing cost-effective building solutions to make homes affordable for working families, we aim to treat every company we work with as if it were one of our own. This simple business practice has proved to be our secret to success, and we look forward to building this relationship with you.

We have dedicated ourselves to deliver each job on time…every time!


1025 Meadow Branch Rd, Westminster, MD 21158
Phone: (410) 876-3900
Email:Joe Hikel


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JMW Truss & Components

JMW Truss & Components is an innovative supplier of Floor & Roof trusses, Framing Components, and lumber throughout Arizona and Southern California since 1978.

The truss plant is on a 25 acre site with a 88,000 sqft under roof, state of the art manufacturing facility producing 5,000 linear feet of wall panels, 8,000 board feet of roof trusses, and 7,000 board feet of floor trusses each day. Supplying the leading Builders and Developers in the Southwest.

In 2016 JMW added another innovative product for faster framing; Smart Components which is a lateral load resisting trussed wall product. JMW is currently set up to produce over 2 million board feet of this new product annually or 8000 bdft each day.

Collective team of 235 dedicated members:
•  In-house Engineering
•  In-house lumber trader
•  In-house trucking fleet


Trademark Construction Co. Inc
JMW Truss & Components San Diego, CA 92127
Phone: (760) 489-5647 ext. 106
E-mail: John Cao, P.E.
Website: JMW Truss & Components

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